Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another soldier in the family. . .

Josh enlisted in the Army yesterday!   He reports to basic training in Fort Jackson, South Carolina on January 30th for 9 weeks, then he will train for a year in Monterey, California.  Here is his post from facebook:

 "Im going into the army doing cryptologic linguistics . So I'll learn arabic or chinese or some crazy language"

Josh has been looking into this for the past month.  He is excited to have found a career path and plans to do the "green to gold" program like Ben did.  (The Army pays for him to finish his degree and then he gives them another 4 years as an officer).  When we spoke to him yesterday, he sounds really happy.  He is so glad it all worked out so he can begin sooner than later.    Krista should be able to join him in Monterey after a month or two. Everything has fallen into place, so we all feel really good about his choice.

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Maia said...

That is so exciting Lissa!!! 3 men in your family doing a wonderful service for our country!!!