Friday, November 16, 2012

A Visit from Josh and Krista

It was so nice to have Josh and Krista home for the long Veteran's Day weekend. 
Krista is finally looking pregnant and she looks beautiful. We had hoped they would be able to join us for Thanksgiving but the Army is giving Josh Wed and Thurs off instead of Thurs and Friday.  His schooling is so intense he cannot afford to miss any class.  So far he seems to enjoy it and is keeping up his grades. It was interesting to see him speak and read Persian Farsi.  He tried to do a little homework while they were here. 
They are so excited about their baby boy, due March 7.
We had a fun weekend: we did a little baby shopping at Carter's, saw Skyfall - the new James Bond movie, (which was great) and then we went out to dinner at Cafe Rio in Redlands.  To top off the evening, Krista and I were victorious, as always when we played Sequence, boys against the girls.  Craig and Josh wanted a rematch the next night and once again, the girls triumphed.  Jamie would have been so proud of us!
Before we knew Josh and Krista were coming, we had planned to watch the boys for Melissa on Friday while she was at her Ragnar Race in Las Vegas. They were a little shy at first but Aunt Krista won them over in no time. The boys all love the old Marble Works (that our kids loved) and let our expert Josh set it up. 
It didn't take long for the wrestling to begin. . .
Austin was so happy to have a turn
The face of this child is so darling! He is such a sweet boy!
Greg & Melissa came over for Sunday dinner.  It was so nice to have the chairs filled around our table. Craig and I miss those glory days before eveyone moved to all parts of the country.  We like the show "Blue Bloods" with Tom Selleck.  In every show they have a big Sunday dinner with the entire family and we always look at each other with a heavy sigh -  missing those sweet days. 
Ben, Rebecca and Nick all have firstborn daughters.  Josh and Melissa are the only two who will have firstborn sons. 

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