Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fun Kaylee and Blake

While Ben and Jamie went to the movies and Lunch with Greg,
Melissa, Josh and Krista, we got to spend New Year's Day
with Blake and Kaylee. 
Our first stop was Build-A-Bear at the Tyler Mall in Riverside. 

They were very serious about following all the instructions and fluffing up their new friends.

 Kaylee chose a calico cat just like Paige and Claire's. She named her Princess.
Blake picked a cute bear with light up ears and Lightning McQueen
clothes.  Kaylee picked a Tinkerbell outfit for her kitty.

 Next stop, a train ride.  Blake LOVES trains, so we were in luck that there was a train ride around the upper level of the mall. 
It just doesn't get much better than this!  After lunch at Red Robin we did a little grocery shopping and headed home.  Blake and Kaylee were angels.  We are so glad they "live closer" now that they have moved to Sierra Vista, Arizona, instead of clear across the country in Louisiana. 

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