Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Fun With Blake and Kaylee

We got to spend a fun day with Blake and Kaylee while Ben, Jamie, Greg and Melissa went out to lunch and a movie. We finally got the chance to take them to Buid-A-Bear. 
Kaylee picked the same kitty that Paige and Claire have.
Blake picked a cute little bear with ears that light up and picked Lightning McQueen clothes.
They were very serious about fluffing up the fur and finding just the right outfit.
Kaylee picked a Tinkerbelle outfit and named her kitty "Princess"
To add to the excitement of our day there was a little train ride that went around the upper level of the mall.
Blake loves trains so this was a big thrill for him.  Afterwards we had lunch at Red Robin and did a little grocery shopping and the kids were darling.  It was so much fun to have them all to ourselves for a few hours.  It is going to be so nice having them"close by" in Sierra Vista, Arizona instead of clear across the country in Louisiana. 

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