Saturday, July 12, 2014

Josh's Deployment

 Josh has been deployed to fill in for a soldier who had to return home.  He arrived to his unit after they were deployed, so it did not seem like he would have to be separated from his little family again so soon.  They just bought their first home and got all settled in, when he found out there was a possiblity he might have to go.  It was a long month of stand by, on again, off again, and before they knew it, he was on his way to Afghanistan.  Hoepfully the 4 months will go by quickly, and his orders and baby #2 will cooperate so that he can be home for the birth in November.  

It just breaks my heart that Krista is single parenting, again, so soon after her recent round from October to February.  It is helpful that she is just 20 minutes away from Ben and Jamie, and that her family in Louisville are three hours away.  I am grateful for the support system she has with the military and with the church.  But I will be much happier to have my boy home with his family where he belongs.

Josh's assignment is 12 hours a day, 7 days a week.  On Sundays he gets to attend church for one hour where they have a serviceman's group.  We occaisionally get to message him or email, but the internet service is not very strong.  Plus we feel like Josh needs to spend any free time he has communicating with Krista and Lincoln.

I feel great peace and comfort knowing there are so many prayers for the military.  When we attend the temple most weeks, it is the highlight for me to hear those words.  My only problem seems to be verbalizing my own prayers.  Between this deployment, and Ben's to follow in October, I have become even more emotional than usual.  Add two pregnant daughters and I can barely bless the food without shedding tears anymore.  I thought for sure as I grew older I would have a better grasp on my emotions, but it seems to be just the opposite.

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