Thursday, March 28, 2013


Rebecca and Renee made the drive from Idaho to spend Spring Break in sunny California, stopping overnight in Parowan at Grama and Grampa Great's.  The cousins are having one big love-fest.  The only squabbles have been between siblings.  The weather has cooperated all week and the kids have had so much fun playing outside in the nice spring sun.  They even had sunshine at the usually overcast beach in Oceanside on Tuesday.  
Paige 8, Luke almost 7, Claire almost 6 Dylan 5 1/2,
 Reese almost 4, Austin 3 1/2, Skye 2
(We're missing Kaylee 6, Blake 4, and 3 week old Lincoln)
Luke is playing T-Ball and he was happy to have his cousins come watch his game. Melissa made the darling team banner.
Austin, Reese, Dylan and Claire
After Craig picked me up from the airport Sunday afternoon,  we went over to Greg and Melissa's for a fabulous Carne Asada dinner.  The kids are all playing so cute together, and they are so happy to be able to play outside in the nice warm weatther. 
Skye loves her Grampa.  She runs right past Grama straight to Grampa every time!
Bryant's are staying at Melissa's two doors down, and we get Renee and Skye with us. It is so nice to be so close at times like this and we can go back and forth. It has been fun for us to spend a little extra time with 2 year old Skye.
Skye being silly one night before bedtime. 
 This is her "say cheese" smile.
We decided to begin Craig's gala 60th birthday celebration a few days early. 
 He chose In N Out for dinner.
Craig recieved lots of fun gift cards, and a book "HOW TO RETIRE HAPPY, WILD AND FREE". He just made the big decision to wait and retire early next spring.
The girls made Butterscotch Torte and
 Oreo Torte for dessert.  Dylan seems amazed by the heat
 from those  60 candles.
Some of Craig's best girls. 
Renee even looks adorable while photo bombing.
Love these beautiful sisters. 
Sad for me, I hurt my knee before going to Monterey
 last week. No clue how it happened, but it's getting
 worse.   Alas, I had to miss the beach  because the
 day before I went  to the Dr.  He x-rayed my knee
 and found arthritis and bone spurs.  So. Not. Fun. 
Today I am blogging while everyone is at
Knott's Berry Farm.  It's up to Craig to do the
 appropriate spoiling while I sit at home on my
heating pad, trying to have a good attitude. . . .

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