Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Josh was fortunate to make great friends on his mission. One of his dearest friends was one of his MTC roomates, Nate Smeding from Layton, Utah. Josh and Nate were never companions, but they were in districts, zones and served in leadership together. Along with Nate's MTC comp, Corey Hyde from Canada, they had a blast whenever they were together and have kept in touch. Nate was on his spring break from Weber State, so he and 4 of his friends spent the week here. They were so much fun and it almost felt like the good old days of youth conference (without having to worry about the kids). They had a fun week at Disneyland, The Beach, A concert in San Diego and Magic Mountain. The timing was perfect because Mark and Rebecca were in Idaho house hunting and the girls were spending the weekend with Grammy and PawPaw. It was fun to have a house full of kids again. Even though it's a little dark, here's a cute picture of them on their way to church Sunday morning.

Josh and Nate with Laurie, Christina, Hailey and Amanda

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