Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I've become a crossword puzzle nerd!

It's true. I've become a crossword puzzle nerd. I was inspired last year by my sister-in-law, Tam, who had cut out the NY Times crossword puzzle to work on while they were on a road trip. That seemed like such a fun travel idea, and then she told me they even have crossword puzzle dictionaries. So, gradually I started doing the daily crosswords in the Press Enterprise each day, bought my very own special crossword puzzle dictionary, and then I started buying cross word puzzle magaizines (like Stanley on The Office). I've even been known to call my kids for help with answers. Mark is my sports lifeline and Greg is my Prince expert. My sister, Dana in New York helps me with those eastern clues. I have Ahlzheimer's on both sides of my family so I need to keep my brain cells busy. My goal one day is to do the NY Times Sunday Puzzle without cheating with my dictionary or online (at their's an awesome crossword puzzle solver). I'm not having fun unless I can do my daily crossword puzzles. Plus you can do a very cool interactive one on Yahoo. I hope that's not too much information.

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