Thursday, September 17, 2009

Happy Birthday, Jamie!

Our darling Jamie does not enjoy her birthday, mainly because she misses her Mom, who passed away in 2001 and also because Ben has been away for so many birthdays due to his Army assignments and training, just like this year. Of course we couldn't have that! The morning started off well with lots of, phone calls, cards in the mail and facebook messages --- including several musical tributes. She even got a card from her dog, Roxy. (good one, Craig)

Since we all have season passes and Disneyland gives you Disney Dollars for your birthday, we thought that would be the perfect way to celebrate Jamie's 30th birthday. We planned to just go for a "few hours" and leave right after preschool, since Kaylee and Luke are both in my class this year. It turned out to be the comedy of errors, with hungry, tired babies, Jamie needing to check in at the ticket booth for her birthday moola and appropriate badge, and 3 kids anxious to get down to business at Disneyland. It wasn't crowded but it was HOT and HUMID!
It seemed like a good idea to leave Melissa with her stroller so she could feed 5 1/2 week old Austin in the car in the parking structure and meet up with us. It also seemed like a good idea for Jamie to get her birthday stuff figured out while Craig took Jamie's stroller with Blake & Kaylee and I walked with Luke and Dylan. Then we hit main street and there was every character imaginable and no lines! What to do with 2 sets of hands with 3 kids plus a stroller and camera. . . . Craig hurried and got Kaylee out of the stroller just in time for our turn to visit Mickey. Dylan and Kaylee were afraid of Pluto, and Luke just humored him.

Dylan could barely contain himself when he saw Donald, and when Craig was in line with Kaylee to see Minnie, I was in line to get the boys their mouse ear hats . . . . . so I missed the photo op. We both thought we were together, and apparently we got separated. Did I say it was hot and humid?

Then we lost our window and Kaylee was done taking pictures. So Craig and I bravely took the 4 "big" kids with us to the Buzz Lightyear ride in Tomorrowland. This is the kids very favorite. Who was the brilliant person who thought of the moving conveyor belts you have to walk on to get on and off rides? Is it really that effective? Did they ever think how tricky that would be carrying a 20 lb baby and a busy 2 year old? I took this cute picture of Luke and Kaylee with Grampa. I had Blake and Dylan and they loved just just looking at everything. And it was air conditioned!
Both Mom's met us when we got off the Buzz ride, and then it was off to Small World and the Carousel. Of course, our favorite place to eat at the Hungry Bear in Critter Country was closed, so we finally settled for the next place we could find that had A/C. Everyone was hot and hungry by this point, and Kaylee did not enjoy dinner. Happy Birthday to Jamie.

It was baby Austin's first trip to Disneyland and he was a trooper. He is still so alert and such a bright eyed baby. He looked so darling at dinner I took this quick picture of him and his adorable Mom. Austin is growing and changing so fast. He has the cutest little round face and he has his own look now. Such a sweet boy!After the Jungle Ride we all headed for the Tiki Room, but Kaylee freaked out because last time the tiki's scared her. . . so Jamie took her kids and went to the baby place to nurse Blake while we stayed for the Tiki Room. This is a picture of Melissa and her boys after the Tiki Room, which they all loved. Luke did a fine job singing and whistling along with the birds! And he loved the "circle ice cream" ( the tasty Dole pineapple sherbet they have at Disneyland and at the Dole plantation on Oahu).

We met Jamie on Main Street after she spent her Disney Dollars and headed for home. We scored on the tram and got to sit in the front row so we didn't have to fold up the strollers. The girls brought pajamas and we changed the kids before we loaded them up and headed for home. Next time we will have to plan our photo ops better.

It wasn't quite the birthday bash we had hoped for, but it was a fun day and we got home in time to watch Vampire Diaries and the new Office. We will continue celebrating Jamie's gala birthday week tomorrow with white Texas chocolate cake and other surprises!

On our way to Disneyland we got the wonderful news that Jeremy & Stephanie Melvin had their twin boys this morning! Check out the cute pictures on Ruth's facebook page!

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Tiffany Johnson said...

I'm sad I missed it. I miss her so much. I'm glad she has such great family to take care of her and do such fun things for her. Hopefully some day I can bring my little monkeys down and we can come play with you guys!!! Thanks for spoiling Jamie on her birthday.