Sunday, September 20, 2009

Memories. . .

I love this quote from my Mary Englebreit desk calendar.

Today Rebecca called and asked me if I remembered when my kids were the ages of hers and did they antagonize each other? I told her that I couldn't remember them really fighting until Ben was 11 or 12 and tortured Melissa with his teasing. Then I told her I should probably look up those years in my journal and see what really happened. I have noticed that as the years have passed the good memories get better and most of the bad memories have faded.

This week I found my journal from 1973, when I was 16! Ahh, those were the days. It has been so sweet to remember friends and good experiences. And so mortifying to see how cheesey and mushy I was --- a hopeless romantic even then, and way too boy crazy for my own good! It's also fun to see how many of those dear friends I am still in contact with.

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