Wednesday, September 2, 2009


I have 2 sisters: Dana and Suzy. Dana lives in Canandigua in upstate New York and Suzy lives in San Diego. Our kids think our voices sound alike on the phone. We used to torture the cousins when we called on the phone, and make them guess which Aunt it was. We would all say "It's your favorite Aunt". Since we sound alike it was always funny to see what the kids would guess. We have been told that we also share the same cackle, and when we are together our cackle in trio truly alarms our children. We love that!!! Since we see each other so seldom (even Suzy & I, just 2 hours away---shame on us) we have stayed close through phone calls, mail and the rare and exciting family get togethers every 3 or 4 years. This year all 3 of us have boys at school at BYU in Provo and Idaho.
On his way to Rexburg, Suzy's son Jonathan stopped to visit Josh and Danny, my sister Dana's oldest. Her second son, Tyler, is also in Provo but missed the photo shoot. (Ty is getting married on Saturday). Dana and I keep missing each other by a few days on our trips to Provo this year. I am so sad to miss Ty's wedding! Greg and Melissa are blessing Austin the next day and it would cut things a bit too close to make it back to Sacrament Meeting in Lake Elsinore by 8:30 a.m.
I haven't seen Dana for over a year and when I saw this picture I got so homesick for her! Isn't she an adorable mother of the groom?

And my darling niece Katie is there too! I'm really missing all the fun. . . Dana sent Suzy and I pictures like this on our cell phones yesterday. I am so glad Josh posted these on facebook so I could see them more clearly and borrow them for my blog! Thanks, honey.

Even though these pictures make me homesick for my son, my sisters, my nieces and nephews, they also fill my heart with so much joy to see what good friends these cousins are . They have truly blessed each others lives. Josh roomed with Danny this summer and they had too much fun. Jonathan and Ty are 23, Danny is 24 and Josh is 22.

Josh and Jonathan reported to the MTC the same day. They were in the same district in the MTC and their missions in Monterrey & Tampico, Mexico shared a border. Danny served in Romania and Tyler served in Las Vegas West. Dana's youngest son, Cameron, just entered the mission field in May and he is serving in San Antonio, Texas.
The picture above is Suzy and I in July, when I spent the weekend with her (while Craig was moving Nick and Renee to Idaho). Not one of my better hair days, but it is such a pretty picture of Suzy.

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