Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The California Grandkids

Disneyland is magical at Christmastime and it has become a tradition for us to go with all the grandkids. We had the perfect day with no crowds and lovely, cool weather. Our big plan was to go get the kids pictures taken with Santa first thing, while everyone was still cute.
Kaylee and Blake were so good getting ready that morning and Kaylee was so excited to see Santa. It looked promising that for the first time Kaylee would finally cooperate for family pictures. She was so excited about seeing Santa, but as soon as we got to the little building where Santa was, she had a change of heart. . . and freaked out. . .
. . . and started crying and had a complete melt down, as only our Kaylee can do. . . So Jamie sat her on this bench just outside the door. . .. . .While the boys took pictures with Santa in their matching shirts. Our 4 grandsons are just too cute! Blake's cute scrunchy face.
The Merry-Go-Round is always a favorite, and Kayle was happy again.
< Even Austin enjoyed the Merry-Go-Round
Luke's cheesy smile is so adorable
My darling little Dylan---such a sweet boy Our friends from Las Vegas, Jeremy Melvin and his daughter, Shelby, rendezvoused with us for the parade
Luke entertained the crowd with his break dancing
Melissa was quite surprised by her son's skill!
Blake actually let me rock him to sleep, and he looks so cozy. Such a fun day! After the parade Kaylee said, "I love Santa! Santa waved at me!" REALLY???

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