Wednesday, January 20, 2010


The year of 2010 began with a big change for us, as Jamie and the kids left to join Ben in Waynesville, Missouri where he is in training at Ft. Leonard Wood. Originally, he was going to be in Missouri until the end of February, and when his class was extended to the end of March, Jamie made up her mind right then and there that she would just load up the kids and meet him there. They got this news on Monday, January 4, and she left the next Monday, January 11!!! Once Jamie makes her mind up, just get out of her way and watch her do her magic. She is amazing!!!

So, that little fireball got online, found a house to rent, mapped her route and planned to drive 6 hours each day, and made hotel reservations in advance. The remainder of the week was crazy getting things packed and washed and ready to move and travel with a 3 year old and 11 month old in a car for 4 days.

The most difficult part of the move was having to give up their beloved dog, Roxy. She is truly an amazing dog, ( and I am so not an animal lover) but with the moves ahead of them and the uncertainity of what Army life will bring, it was for the best. Jamie put the word out and in a few days Melissa found a home for her with one of her friends. Jamie took Roxy to the new home the day before they left while Kaylee was napping. Although it was difficult, Jamie feels so glad that Roxy has a new family that adores her and they keep in touch with texts and emails. Interestingly, Kaylee has not mentioned Roxy once since then. It will be a sad day when she realizes her puppy is gone, but until then, no news is good news!

Their stops were Flagstaff, Arizona; Santa Rosa, New Mexico; and Oklahoma City. The third day was a bit challenging for her but all in all it was a good trip and everyone survived. Check out their blog at for more details. She packed every belonging into the car, with just enough room left for the 2 kids and she put the cooler, food and diaper bag in the front seat. These pictures do not even begin to show how full that car was, but you get an idea! The car has a dark tint on the windows so I couldn't get any other pictures.
We are so glad that their little family is together that it has helped us not to miss them quite as much. I keep thinking I hear Blake waking up upstairs, Kaylee playing or I expect Jamie to come walking through the front door. It's been way too quiet, but I think we could get used to it! We are just so glad we got to spend the last 5 months with them. I finally finished Blake's quilt --- I got the fabric in April and it's been cut out since August. [brown minkee on the back and flannel on the front] It was so nice to sew again [after being lazy for so long] and I got it done in the nick of time!


Jamie said...

Wow that girl is crazy!

melissa gargalis said...

blake's blanket turned out SO cute!!!