Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Don't You Kind of Love December

There is a cute Disney Christmas sing-along video with this sweet song:


Don't you kind of love December
When the merry snow bells chime
We're together once upon a wintertime

Every single snowflake falling
Plays a jingle down your spine
Lovely weather once upon a wintertime

On a frozen pond folks are swaying
Sweetheart, who cares
We'll have more fun sleighing
behind two chestnut mares

When we say goodbye December
Merry bells no longer chime
We'll remember once upon a wintertime

I found myself humming this song as I thought about December 2009. I don't just kind of love December, I love it to pieces! But this was a weird one for us this year with 3 of our kids being out of state for the first time. We've had one missing due to the boys' missions, or Ben's Army assignments, so we have truly been blessed. Now we are trying to figure out our new role as traveling grandparents. As long as we are together at some point during the holiday, it doesn't have to be Dec 24 or 25. This year we had our family Christmas on Dec 26th and it was fun to stretch out the holiday one more day. Our trip to Idaho gave our Christmas spirit a big lift. While we were there we completed most of the shopping for the kids there and Renee and Nick let us gift wrap and store the gifts at their house. Jamie helped set up our tree when we arrived home, and I'm finally coming to terms with my artificial tree. Craig, ever the grinch, now complains that 9' is too big and bulky. ( we've always had at least a 9' tree and I have enough ornaments for lots of trees - so I don't get it) It's paid for and it's bulky just 2 times a year, so that seems to be a no-brainer. However, I will always miss having a live tree.It was fun again this this year to use my child-friendly ornaments that I've had since Rebecca was a baby. I wanted the kids to be able to enjoy the tree and not have to worry about losing a special ornament or having them feel bad. It was a fun tree and Jamie was an angel to string popcorn with me with while we watched White Christmas. Kaylee even helped for the first time. It seems like a silly thing, but stringing popcorn makes me happy and I love the way it looks on the tree.
Ben was able to have a 2 week vacation from his training at Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. Of course Jamie, Kaylee and Blake were so happy to have him home. Craig was glad to have at least one son to go to the movies with and help with a few projects.
The girls had a top secret project, and I was so thrilled to get this wonderful apron with hand prints of all the grandkids (and they left room for Nick & Renee's twins***). It is my treasure! I have the greatest kids in the whole wide world! I am truly blessed. They are my joy. The Apron says "Tiny Hands Touch Our Hearts Forever"
We got this cute train for Luke and Dylan (Luke calls it his frain frack) and children young and old played with it all day long. Actually, the kids were lucky Ben and Greg gave them a turn! Gotta love fisher-price.
My sweet MelissaSuch a cute picture of Greg and Austin! My parents came down the day after Christmas and got here just in time for dinner. It is always fun having Grama & Grampa great here. I think Grama Great spent most of her time with Kaylee and Luke in Kaylee's new princess tent.
Mom and Dad were able to visit Grandmommie ( my Dad's Mom) at her care center in Orange. Grandmommie's 97th birthday is on January 16th.

We celebrated Dad's birthday on the 28th with a visit from the Sand Diego Burningham's. Once again, shame on us for not taking any pictures!

So as I say good-bye to December, it will be interesting to see what the New Year of 2010 has in store! I love New Year's and being able to make a fresh start.

***DISCLAIMER: this is a family joke since Renee's Dad was an identical twin. No, she's not expecting.

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melissa gargalis said...

i LOVE that picture of Kaylee with Luke and Dylan. It is too sweet and makes me miss them. I don't really like the picture of Grampa with Granmommie, she just doesn't look like that in my mind =)I wish I would've brought Austin out to meet her...some day.