Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today is Rebecca's birthday, but I couldn't wait until now to give her our present, so I packed it in my luggage and took it up to Idaho with me.   Thank you Southwest Airlines for free baggage!
Back in December, Melissa called one afternoon, excited that a Bernina starter sewing machine was on sale for that day only for a bargain price we could afford. We decided to splurge and get it for Rebecca's  birthday. Renee also went in on it with us. 

Melissa was on the phone while Rebecca opened her present. It was such a fun surprise.
Sadly, my camera was on the wrong setting and these pictures are not good. @#$%^&*! But you can get the idea. Rebecca was truly surprised. To add to the fun, I found a lovely Bernina dealer/quilt shop/fabric store that also teaches adult sewing just 12 miles from her home. Happy Birthday, my first daughter, even though you were 3 weeks late, I love you and your family to pieces!!!

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Da Bergs said...

What a great gift!!! AND, the classes, awesome!