Monday, February 14, 2011

My Idaho Girls

 We now have 4 granddaughters in the lovely state of Idaho.  Due to the cold weather and sick kids and smart, careful Mom's, it wasn't until the day before I left that we that we were able to introduce 3 1/2 year old Claire and 20 month old Reese to their new baby cousin.  Paige, 6, got to meet Skye several weeks earlier. The girls were all so sweet and cooperative and 3 cameras clicked away. 
Paige is getting way too grown up all of a sudden!

Claire was very serious about holding Skye.

Reese is a baby lover, and she was so sweet.  I didn't realize that she had her hand on Skye's . It was such a sweet, tender gesture.

There were too many pictures to choose from, and these are just from Renee and I.  I know Rebecca will have more cute ones. 

All we needed was Kaylee to have all the girl cousins together.  Lousiana is just too far away!