Monday, February 14, 2011


I first discovered Pioneer Woman almost 2 years ago when my favorite blogger, Bakerella posted about her March 2009 visit to "The Ranch" where she talked about "Marlboro Man".  Of course I clicked on the link and the rest is history.  You can spend hours, even days at The Pioneer Woman blog,where she chronicles life of her family on an Okalahoma cattle ranch. Her recipes and step-by-step photo-tutorials make you want to try everything.  In addition to recipes her accompanying posts are so uplifting and so funny.

Last year she published a wonderful cookbook that is filled with great recipes, photographs of ranch life as well as her commentary on all of the above.  It reads almost like a novel. 
 Last fall I discovered posts on her blog that were serial chapters about how she and her hubby met and fell in love.  I sat and read at the computer for hours, and then a few months later I was thrilled with the news that those posts became a novel, which was published 2 weeks ago.  I preordered it and had it sent to Idaho.  And while I held my sweet, sleeping granddaughter, I read this book:
This book is now one of my top 5 favorite books of all time!!!  It is so funny and so heartwarming, and so romantic all with a lovely PG rating.  So refreshing to read a book that doesn't get ruined with too much steamy graphic detail.  I passed it on to Rebecca, who read it while I was up there, and now Melissa is reading it.  I wish I could send these books to everyone I love.  The books are everywhere - Target, Wal-mart and all the online book stores. 

I relate to her because she adores her husband and family, her extended family, and is always baby hungry.  My kind of woman.  It is a good reminder of how blessed we are, and how important relationships are in our lives.  Plus her recipes are so user friendly and yummy and she has such great taste.  My hero.  Her Valentine post today about her husband and children was perfect. 
Today on her blog she posted a give-away for 4 of these custom painted mixers - painted to match the design of her book covers.  I thought this was my chance - so I entered by making a comment and was dismayed to find I had company with over 22,000  (yes, 22 THOUSAND) .  I want it for my new yellow and red kitchen.  But it's so cute I had to post it.

So, if you want a great book to read, or love a great blog, go to The Pioneer Woman*     
She is also an awesome facebook friend!     

* Disclaimer: make sure you have LOTS and LOTS of time before you click the link above! 

You're Welcome.

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