Wednesday, January 7, 2009


We have the 5 greatest kids. They make the holidays so much fun for us. This year, they gave Craig and I a combined gift. Neither one of us had a clue what it could be, and they were all very stealth about it (and delighted to have a big secret). We love basketball, and one of our guilty pleasures is having the NBA League Pass so we can watch all the games we want. Especially nice when there is zero to watch on TV (how much longer until Chuck is back?) It has been years since we've been to a game, and I've missed seeing my beloved Utah Jazz in real life. So, our perfect present was tickets to a Jazz-Laker game on January 2. It was such a fun surprise and such a treat! The seats were amazing --- row 20 across from the visitors bench. I wore my "diamond" jazz pin and blue and navy striped shirt in Jazz colors. I was a little uncomfortable being surrounded by Laker lovers. It was fun to go to the Staples Center and see how that area has been completely transformed. When you get off the freeway the street is lined with purple lighted trees, it was so pretty. Sadly, my team lost, but they came within 3 points and gave the Lakers a run for their money at the second half. It was interesting to see the match ups in person and up close. You don't realize how tall or strong some of the players are. The Lakers are so long and so strong. Even I can admit that! The next day we watched the taped game on TV and it was fun to see the contrast from television to the real thing. The real thing is such a blast. We are so spoiled now! Thanks Ben&Jamie, Mark&Rebecca, Greg&Melissa, Nick&Renee and Joshie for such an awesome Christms gift. You are the most wonderful children in the whole world!!!!!

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Grogan Clan said...

How fun!! That is the game that Dave went to last year and wanted to go again...but missed out! That is a GREAT gift!