Sunday, January 25, 2009


We all slept great last night and woke up to snow! It was rainy and snowy all day, and then late this afternoon the snow got really heavy. A big storm is moving through tonight and tomorrow. No baby action at all today. It was nice for Jamie to catch up on her sleep and have a nice lazy day. She even got in a nap. So now there is no excuse for that baby to keep stalling. . .we all caught up on our sleep, the grocery shopping is done, I'm in town and everything is ready for the baby. Maybe tomorrow will be the day. Ben has class tomorrow until 4, and us girls are planning to run a few errands and keep Jamie walking. Kaylee has been adorable and tonight we had a fun visit with my nephew, Danny Jacobson. Good times.

Today I finished reading Susan Wiggs new book, "Fireside" #5 in the Lakeshore Chronicles. The series is set in a little town in the Catskills. This book takes place during the winter, so the snowy weather today made it the perfect read.

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