Wednesday, January 28, 2009


NOON - Kaylee is a sick little girl. Last night she woke up whimpering, but went back to sleep on her own. She was quieter and more snuggly than usual this morning, and her cheeks were flushed. Yesterday she didn't have much of an appetite. Jamie took her temp and it was normal. She took it again a few hours later and it was 102! So she called the Dr. and was able to get right in. Kaylee has an ear and throat infection, possibly strep. They did a throat culture and gave her a prescription for antiobiotics and she's on her way home now.

This morning Jamie also got up and went walking with Ben at the BYU gym bright and early at 5am, came home and showered, took Roxy to the vet to get her shots at 9am, and Kaylee's appt was 11:10. So it's arleady been a busy day for her. I miss Craig and I feel bad about canceling preschool for a few weeks, but other than that I am so glad to be here to help. It could be an interesting day. . .

11 PM - Sweet little Kaylee is feeling a tiny bit better, but she still has a ways to go until that fever breaks. Her little cheeks are bright red and she is so mellow. Kaylee was so happy to see Ben when he got home from school tonight. She and Jamie both had great naps today, and for fun tonight my nephew, Tyler, and his fiance, Amber, came by for a visit. It was so fun to meet Amber at long last, and to see how smitten Tyler is! Who knew??? They are a darling couple.

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