Saturday, January 24, 2009


Jamie called 3 weeks ago and said she was 60% effaced and dilated to 1cm even though baby boy wasn't due until VALENTINE'S DAY. . . The Dr. was amazed and didn't think she'd last past Jan 10th. We all hussled and hurried to be ready and the next week there was only a 5% change, and the same this week. On Tuesday she was dilated to "1cm plus a wiggle" and the baby is in position and at station -1. So, things are moving along! Then last night Ben called us about 9 p.m. and said she'd been having good contractions and this time they were close and more intense. They had several false alarms earlier in the week, so I went ahead and got my ticket and flew up here this morning. She's still having contractions, and has a constant backache, so we're all ready for this baby boy to make his entrance.

We walked the mall and went to Sam's Club this afternoon, but things have slowed down again. Hopefully she'll go in the next day or so. I am so glad to finally be here. It is so fun to be in their darling house and be with my sweet Kaylee! I think it will work out well for me to be here so Kaylee is used to having me around and I get comfortable with her routine. She is getting so big and talks and sings up a storm.

We are hoping for a quiet night tonight so we can all catch up on our sleep. Jamie and Ben were up at 3 a.m. with contractions 2-3 minutes apart for about 90 minutes. I finally finished packing and got to bed after midnight and was up at 4:30 to shower and catch my 7:00 a.m. flight from Orange County. I had the perfect flight. Craig dropped me off at the airport, I checked in and walked right onto the plane. I had an entire row to myself and it was a nice normal plane instead of one of those little puddle jumpers! Then we landed 20 minutes early and I walked off the plane, made a pit stop, and when I got down to baggage claim there was my luggage! I waited a few minutes, and after several decietful phone calls from my darling nephews Danny and Tyler about picking me up at the airport, who should be there to pick me up but Jamie and the gang!

Kaylee was smiley and giggly and happy to see me. That is definitely the best feeling in the world to see those sweet faces of my grandchildren light up. Plus it is always so good to be with Ben and Jamie. Now I miss Craig and the kids at home in CA. I guess I'll always be missing someone!!! Hopefully there will be more action to report on Day 2.

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