Monday, May 11, 2009


We had a fun dinner at Melissa's with all the California kids, although those numbers are dwindling fast! Greg's Mom and sister, Lisa were there also. We never get to see them enough, and we always have a great time with them.

We are truly blessed with wonderful in-laws who have great families. It was fun to talk to the Utah and Idaho kids. I can talk to Rebecca and Claire without choking up now, but Paige is still tricky. Josh, Craig and the Bryant's got me a web cam, which is all set up and ready to chat. I need to snap out of this so I can talk to Paige or I'll have to get one of those masks like Jane Jetson! Who knew we'd get the same technology. Ben and Jamie sent a very fun daffodil garden and Craig got me some pretty spring flowers. Melissa's family and Nick and Renee got me some giftcards to my favorite places so those are always fun to have. All that and bless those Houston Rockets hearts!!! I am in love with that team.

For entertainment, Luke started pushing Dylan around in a laundry basket. Then he gave Dylan a turn to push him, and Dylan had to work a bit harder. They are the cutest, sweetest boys!

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rogersfam said...

Wish we were there! Glad you liked the flowers!