Sunday, May 3, 2009


On Friday we took the cousins to Disneyland one last time, along with Uncle Josh. You gotta love those season passes! Josh gave us an extra set of hands and let Rebecca have a relaxing day just hanging out with baby Reese who is already 10 days old. It gave Rebecca a much needed break, since the day before they packed up the storage unit and filled the biggest U-haul truck AND had to go back and add on a 9' trailer. Mark and Craig were off that morning for the trip to Idaho so it seemed like a good time to take a deep breath and relax before the real fun starts. So here is a long post with lots of pictures of our fun day:

Claire fell asleep on the way there and miraculously stayed aslleep while I put her in the stroller and slept the first half hour there.

While Claire slept she missed Cruella DeVil ---which is a shame because she can sing her theme song note for note!

The first ride we went on was Small World, and all but Dylan piled in the row with Uncle Josh. Dylan was so enthralled and had the sweetest expression on his face the entire time. They refurbished the ride last year and now there are Disney characters through out which adds to the wonder of it all. Claire can sing this song, too!

Uncle Josh made the day extra special. He took Luke and Paige on Star Tours and Big Thunder Mountain. How darling is this picture?

We debated and debated about staying for the 3:30 parade, which would put us smack dab in the middle of traffic. We are so glad we opted in, because the new parade is great fun. It kind of reminds me of the old "Party-Gras" parade from way back when. It's a big street celebration with tons of dancers and entertainers, more so than the usual characters (and not one princess in the bunch)! The good news is that all the kids favorites of the moment, Woody and Jessie, were there along with Mickey and Minnie. The music was so fun and the kids were all shaking it whether in a stroller or on shoulders. Josh was a great sport and almost everyone got a turn on his nice, tall shoulders.

Melissa, Luke and Paige all got to do the twist for everone. This was Josh's favorite part of the day--- seeing his 6-month pregnant sister shake it for all of Main Street!

Paige got to be in the "conga-conga" line. They held onto a rope and walked clear around the float and across the street.
All the dancers and characters in the parade were so friendly and cute with the kids. They walked down the street and came up to them and gave them five. At one point they gave Luke a little drum to beat. At the end of the parade we were showered with streamers and orange, purple and green Micky confetti. The "red girl" ---the dancer in the red outfit who spent time with the kids, wrapped confetti around Luke and Paige. The expressions on all their faces was priceless. This will be a sweet memory for all of us ( as long as Josh and I can black out the ride home--- because the traffic was awful and the girls were way overtired).

The "Tikitikitikitiki-tiki Room" was a big hit. Paige enjoyed singing along at the top of her lungs. The Buzz Lightyear ride was another fun one, and of course the merry-go-round, which Melissa had to drag Dylan off of, kicking and screaming!

Dylan conked out while we were making the last pit stop of the day on our way out of the park. GOOD TIMES!

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Da Bergs said...

I want grandbabies to take to D-land!!! Look at all of you!!! WHAT family fun!!!