Sunday, May 3, 2009


Ever since we've had season passes, I've been wanting to take Paige to Disneyland for a girls day and visit all the princess stuff. They used to have fun activities up at the Fantasy Faire (across from Small World) and have Princess Story Telling and another program with dancing and learning how to curtsy, etc. There is also a Princess Walk where you stand in line for an hour to meet 3 princesses and have your pictures taken with them. There is also a place where they do your hair, paint your face, etc. What more could a 4 year old princess lover want?
On our way through fantasyland Paige wanted to stop and go through the newly reopened castle, and she loved it so much we went again on the way home. The dress on the story book changes colors, just like the end of the Sleeping Beauty movie. Paige was so impressed that it was just like the movie.

After our castle visit, we raced up to The Fantasy Faire area to see about getting her hair done. Of course, the hair place had moved to fantasyland (where we just were)only 2 weeks ago! We trudged back to Fantasyland, where we encountered the amazing BIBBIDI BOBBIDI BOUTIQUE!

It's just to the left of the castle entrance where the cute princess shop used to be. Now it is a salon for little princesses filled with princess gowns and accessories. They have several packages and choices of hairstyles. We opted for the basic updo, thinking she'd just get her hair put up with a little glitter and call it a day. But now, they do the full treatment, hair, makeup, nails, a sash and bling that includes a tiara --- all in it's own Princess back pack.

Because they aren't liscensed cosmetologists, they give you all the products they use to take home. There is a tiny little makeup pallette with several colors of lip gloss, eye shadow and blush, a bottle of nail polish, and a brush and comb.

Everyone treats the girls like true princesses calling them your highness and Princess Paige, etc. The decor is just adorable and of course princess music is playing.

Once the hair was done, they ask for their choice of lip gloss color and 2 colors of eye shadow. While they are being worked on they are not looking in a mirrow like you usually would at a salon. At the end, they have a magic glitter filled wand and they said, "and now for some pixie dust", as they sprinkle it on.

They got to choose a big 10 karat gem stone ring, that was quite exciting.

It was all so darling and so magical. Then for the big finale they spin the chair around to face the drapes, and open the drape to a beautiful twinkling mirror. Paige's reaction was so sweet. The Disney photographer got some great picturess of her expression I need to order.

Through out the rest of the day people would comment about how pretty she was. Paige made several friends in line, who all thought she was 5 or 6 instead of
4. While we ere in line for Pixie Hollow, Paige made friends with twin sisters, Sara and Alyssa who were 6 years old. They reminded us of Jenna Sterling because they LOVE High School Musical. (Their hair is one of the choices).

We had such a fun time! Paige's expressions throughout the day were priceless. She was very serious speaking to the princesses and faeries like they were her old friends. I was so impressed with all the princesses and how sweet and attentive they all were.

It was the first time I've been to Pixie Hollow and it was just perfect. We (Paige and I) love the new Tinkerbelle movie, and it was so true to the movie. Paige got to meet Tink's friend, Iridessa, who was the perfect yellow faerie.

The faeries were as kind and as wonderful as the princesses! Maybe next time we'll get to meet Rosetta, Paige's favorite faerie.

I remember being able to go through Sleeping Beauty's Castle when I was a child, and they had diorama's set up that told the story. They've reopened it with some fun upgrades, and Paige loved that so much we went through it twice.

I was able to talk her out of going on Splash Mountain by telling her it wasn't working. I did not want to get soaked! We opted for Thunder Mt instead, and Paige was excited to be in the front seat, and when we got off the ride she lifted her arms in the air and shouted,"That was AWESOME"! On our way out we were able to see Jasmine and we went to the Enchanted Tiki Room. If you ask Paige what her favorite part of the day was, she says "the tikitikitikitiki tiki room". We had more fun singiing along to Disney CD's on the way home. As my friend Ruth says, IT JUST DOESN'T GET MUCH BETTER THAN THIS!!!


Shannon said...

That is so sweet! What a fun time!!

Dana said...


What a fabulously sweet time you had with Paige. She'll love looking back at the pictures of her special Grama and Paige Princess adventure! Thanks for being such a great example of fun gramas!