Monday, January 10, 2011

The Big Move Week - Day 1

DISCLAIMER: I am using this blog to journal and record the highlights of our move, so it could get a little more wordy and detailed than usual.
Craig, the knot-tying-champion and master packer.  This is just a partial picture of load #1. 
Over the weekend, Craig borrowed a trailer and suburban from a friend at work.  Our first stop was the storage unit, where we loaded up the shelving for the new garage and emptied almost 2/3 of the storage unit.  [We got the storage unit when the Bryant's lived with us for 8 months, so I've stored all my holiday decorations, preschool stuff and catering supplies there, since the garage was used as the preschool room]. 
We were able to take 3 loads over to the new house filling both the trailer and inside the suburban.  We felt like the Beverly Hillbillies with our belongings piled up on the trailer.  On Saturday, Craig and his trusty assistant, Greg, spent most of the day dismantling  the shed and loaded it up.  I was able to get the kitchen unpacked and set up the pantry on shelving in the under-the-stairs closet.  Melissa and Greg have been such big help, helping us unload and lug things upstairs.  We will owe them free babysitting forever!
This is the new kitchen, minus the plants on the top of the cupboards.  I love the colors and my red kitchen stuff looks really cute with the yellow.  I am going to put things on top of the cupboards that I put on my shelves in the past.  (This way we won't have to leave big holes in the wall from installing the shelves, since we are renting). It is so nice having so much cupboard and drawer space.
We are at the point now that most of the things we go to use are either packed or at the new house.  I guess that's a good sign.  Today I am spending the day packing up the odds and ends, and putting colored dots on all the boxes as requested by the movers. I will try to remember to take more pictures this week.

I am really dreading taking down my pictures and quilts off the wall.

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Da Bergs said...

Love your kitchen and I agree, I love red and yellow together!!! Those lucky people to get YOU guys in their ward!!! :)