Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Big Move Week - Day 2

Yesterday I accomplished a TON, but it still looks like there is a TON yet to do.  How does that work?  And with this nice, cool weather, I am so in the mood to bake and I don't dare get involved in anything but packing.

I started upstairs gathering up and packing and it was so easy to get side tracked and see something in another room to deal with.  I felt like Phil Dunfee from Modern Family.  I had to really force myself to focus on the upstairs, because I want to move all the boxes and moving supplies downstairs one last time and be done.  

I finally got all the little odds and ends packed in the upstairs bedrooms - pictures, lamps, books, etc.  It all adds up so fast and I am honestly sorting and donating a lot.  Packing away pictures and taking down curtains and quilts and things off the wall has been difficult.  Way more than I ever imagined. 

On the news this morning,  they showed highlights from half time at last nights bowl game with Auburn and Oregon.  [Sorry about your Ducks, Joshie!]  But the cool thing was they honored families of deployed military and then I wasn't paying attention and all of a sudden the dad's and husband's were THERE! It was a sweet surprise that gave me chills and then I just sat down and bawled for my Ben.   I can't wait until he is home again with Jamie and the kids. Almost 3 months down, 9 or so to go.  I hate it that they are apart more than I am worried about his safety.

Back to Day 2 of this crazy move week.  Today I took a full load to the new house all by myself, and it is starting to feel familiar. I am really looking forward to being DONE.

Happy news today:  my friend Ruth Melvin had her 11th grandchild - he was born at 11:54 on 1-11-11.  How cool is that for a birthday? Welcome to the world Finley James Melvin - 6 lbs, 12 oz, 19".  Lots of  love to parents Josh & Charlie and big sisters McKenna and Gracie! I can't wait to see more pictures.

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