Friday, January 14, 2011

The Big Move Week - Day 5 - The Big Day

day-old Skye
 After the craziness of yesterday, we had to make up for lost time by staying up very late and getting up very early to get everything done in time for the movers arrival at 8 a.m. Plus, the Direct TV guy was coming to set us up at the new house between "8-12". That's a whole story for another day.

The movers came 1/2 hour early and got right to work. The day flew by. We fit almost everything on the truck, but needed a second trip with half a load of the big furniture items. Everything is chaos but we are getting there. We have phone, internet and TV. Now all we need is a bed and a good night's rest and sleeping in tomorrow and we might survive this.  There is so much to do.

My phone rang so much today I've been hearing phantom ring tones that aren't there! I definitely will be changing my ring tone!

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Da Bergs said...

Look at all that hair! What a little doll!!!!