Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July, 2011

It was nice to have Jamie and the kids here to have a reason to celebrate 4th of July.  Holidays kind of lose their sparkle without family and children to share it with. We watched Blake and Kaylee that morning while Jamie did some rare, solo shopping.  We went swimming at Melissa's and even got Kaylee in the pool. 
Then Jamie and Craig went to see the new Transformers movie. 
I opted to babysit napping children.  I'm pretty sure I was the lucky one that time!

Kaylee helped me make these darling Firecracker Cupcakes from Jamie Cooks It Up! for dessert.
 This is an amazing blog my sister, Dana shared with me.  I subscribe to it now, and I adore her.
After I piped the frosting on, Kaylee added the licorice "flame".  They turned out pretty well, even though I used chocolate cupcakes instead of white.  I love a little chocolate cupcake with my vanilla frosting!
I think next time I'll use a paint brush for the color instead of a knife, so that I get a finer line.
 I don't enjoy eating brightly colored frosting but the kids all loved it!
Greg and his trusty side kick, Melissa,  made a fabulous dinner for us. They are a great pair and have become quite the gourmets!  Plus it is always nice to eat someone elses's cooking! 
Everyone but Grama went to watch the fireworks at Greg's Dad's house in Canyon Lake. 
These are two of the cutest pictures we have this week of all 5 cousins .

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