Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Blessings of Technology

One of my favorite blogs is The Pioneer Woman written by Ree Drummond.  Today her post was so lovely, about a friend who'd lost a teenage son several years ago.  Ree blogged about this several years ago, and asked for prayers on behalf of her friend.  The comments she recieved were so heartfelt, from complete strangers.  A book was made for the family of this post and the comments.  Recently, her friend shared with her how this book of "comments" to a simple blog post had given her strength and comfort in times of sadness. 

I just felt so touched, and so grateful that the internet and the blogosphere gives us the opporutnity to connect with so many good people, and have such a positive influence.  It has truly blessed my life, and today I feel so uplifted and so grateful. 

Thank you, Ree.

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