Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Beach Babies

Sand Babies is proabably a more accurate title for this post. 
The Louisiana kids did not enjoy our California ocean.  We picked a glorious day at the beach.  The water was warm, the sky was blue, it wasn't crowded.  Perfection.  Ahhh the beach in summer!   

Kaylee and Blake loved playing in the sand! 
Kaylee would have nothing to do with the water!  She was content to just sit and dig. 

Luke spent the day digging for sand crabs and had quite the collection.  Then he decided to body surf by laying on the sand and letting the waves push him a few inches. 

Luke and Dylan
Melissa dug a nice pit for the boys to play in. 
It's a good way to corral little ones.  Such a great beach tip.

And Melissa's greatest beach tip of all:  BABY POWDER. 
 It's true.  When it's time to dry off and get in the car, baby powder helps the sand come right off. 
It really works!  Amazing!  Go Meliss!
Luke hunting for sand crabs
Jamie was the photographer and Grama had creative control,
so even though we aren't pictured,
we were there having fun as well. 
I spent most of my day with Dylan and Luke in the water.
 Luke is a water bug and he is totally fearless!

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