Sunday, July 3, 2011

On the way to Huck Camp

This week is Krista's family reunion in southern California: Huck Camp! Josh gets to attend for the first time.  Most of the Huckvale's will be together with lots of great activities that include a very serious Olympic Competition, a Talent Show, Disneyland, The Beach, a Dodger Game and that's not all. At they end of the week they all get to be together in the LA temple with her cousin before he leaves for his mission. 

 It sounds like such a fun family tradition.  The timing worked out great so that they were able to spend the day with Jamie and the kiddos.  It has been really hot, so they drove through the night.  (They made it from Provo in 8.5 hours) As usual, we should have taken more pictures.  We grabbed these as they were leaving.  So glad I remembered the camera. 

Jamie and Krista whipped up this lovely Red, White and Blue Fruit Pizza.  The pictures don't do it justice.  Here's the recipe from Our Best Bites:
We didn't love their sugar cookie recipe for the base.  Next time I'll just use my recipe or you can also use the refrigerated cookie dough. 
Josh and Krista will stop by and spend a few days with us on their way home. 

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