Friday, July 8, 2011

Group Photo Attempt

This is a partial picture of the fisher-price city we built
The night before Jamie left we realized we had no pictures with Grama & Grampa and the kids or us with Jamie.  So we made a feeble attempt at a group picture
Kayle was not happy and Dylan was, well, being Dylan. 
Blake was a trooper and we can always get smiles from Luke and Austin. 

We made another attempt the next morning and this time we got Kaylee to smile but Blake wasn't feeling it.
 Jamie hopped in to the last one.  The Gargalis boys did not enjoy being left out of the picture!  Go figure!
We will miss Jamie, Kaylee and Blake so much!  We had such a fun visit and the kids were awesome and played so cute together.  They had a safe, uneventful trip home to DeRidder, Louisiana, and the kids even slept in the next day.  We are hoping to visit them in the fall once Ben is home from his deployment in Afghanistan. 

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